Published on February 26, 2021

Old Port 2021 Construction Update

NEW! We’re offering pre-order delivery nights in March. You can place your order using this link by 10 a.m. each Friday for delivery in the greater Portland area.

Here’s our announcement to customers about our Old Port construction closure:

Dear customers,

We’re writing today with an important update to share about our Old Port store. Our landlord is starting comprehensive renovations, including building a completely new facade facing Fore Street. These renovations will close off access to the store through summer.

Therefore, our Old Port store will be temporarily closing March 1, 2021. The result will be a beautiful new storefront and patio when we return to 425 Fore Street in the fall. We are renewing our lease (we moved in almost 10 years ago!) and plan to stay for the long-term.

We are actively seeking out real estate in Portland for a pop-up shop this spring and summer. If you’re aware of a great open spot, please shoot us an email. The new location could be its own space, or part of another food destination.

You’ll find answers to a few potential questions below, and we hope to have an update about moving to a pop-up for spring and summer soon. In the meantime, please stock up your freezer this weekend, or visit us at our Flagship Store in Brunswick anytime.

Thanks so much,
– The GF Team

Questions and Answers

Can I use my gift cards and Red Spoon Society rewards in Brunswick?
Yes, the systems are connected and you can use both in Brunswick.

Was this news prompted by COVID restrictions?
No, this is a construction issue. While we’re glad that the construction is taking place during a time when customer counts are lower, the two issues are not significantly related. As you know, we have been extremely cautious during COVID in order to protect everyone’s safety — customers have not stepped inside our stores since last March, and all service has been outside only — but staff and customers have been awesome at showing flexibility, and the outdoor pickup process has generally worked well.

Why wasn’t it announced earlier?
The dates came at us pretty quickly, too. The original expectation was that the renovations would take place in the coldest part of winter, not the busy summer months. But permitting and construction timelines shifted. We have two employees who work exclusively in the Old Port, and they have the option to work at the Portland pop-up when it materializes, if they choose.

What will the spring/summer pop-up location look like?
We’re not sure. We can get things set up rather rapidly, and ideally would have a space to scoop for walk-up guests, provide online pickup, and dispatch delivery services. We’re checking out spaces now.

How long will the construction last?
Construction should last through the end of August. That could change if the process goes faster or slower than expected.

What’s the plan for hours for this weekend?
The store will be open for outside service for our normal hours this weekend; 12-9:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday; and 12-8:30 p.m. Sunday. We’ll try to have a fairly full selection of flavors so that folks can stock-up. You can see current flavors and order in advance on our pickup site.

How will news about a spring and summer pop-up location be shared?
We’ll send an announcement to this newsletter list and post on our Facebook (@gelatofiasco) and Instagram (@gelatofiasco). Stay tuned!