More than anything, we want to create desserts and places that make our employees and customers beam with pride. That doesn’t happen by accident. Here’s what we do to make sure that premium means something.

Made the Maine Way

We are artisans and servers who care about our work and keep on tinkering, testing, and building until we get things right – and then still try to make them better. We are about our craft and back it up unconditionally with The Gelato Fiasco Guarantee.

Milk from Family Farms

We source 100% of our whole milk and cream from family dairy farms. As far as we know, we’re one of the few ice cream or gelato companies with national distribution to source 100% of its milk from nearby farms and offer transparent information about milk sources. All of our farms pledge not to use artificial growth hormones. Our milk commitment means that we’re not only supporting the farms that are important to Maine and New England’s culture, economy, and landscape, but that we’re also using what we believe is the richest, freshest milk in America (maybe we believe that because we grew up drinking it). Learn more about our milk.

Real Fruits, Nuts, and Confections

It’s pretty simple: We find the best ingredients and use them. That’s why our flavors are so delicious, and why we feel good about serving them. We get pistachios from Sicily, vanilla beans from Madagascar, and wild blueberries from down the coast. When you buy a grocery store pint from us, you can be confident that it does not contain artificial flavors. (There’s an exception for brand-name candy flavors sold at our stores in Brunswick and Portland. Please click to learn a bit more about that.)

Nice People

Desserts should be fun to create, fun to serve, and fun to enjoy. We hire kind and caring people, and try to support them in ways that help them create amazing desserts and experiences for our customers.

Safe, Inclusive Places

Our stores are inclusive and vibrant spots for people to share desserts and coffee. We’re proud that our stores are comfortable, happy gathering places.

Community Support

We help build the neighborhoods in which we live and work. Our Scooping for Community Program provided more than $65,000 in cash support to more than 50 Maine non-profit organizations in the past five years. We can’t always help everyone, but we try really hard to make our mark.

Exploration and Discovery

Food and service should not be a static experience. We explore tastes, people, and culture with a spirit of discovery and within the parameters of the pursuit of excellence.