Note: hours and service options are different during COVID-19. Please see our updates page for the latest info.

Our stores are comfortable, happy places. They can get pretty busy, and sometimes folks are unsure about how to approach the gelato case. Our tips:

Take Your Time

Our stores are open until 11 p.m. daily. You’re under no pressure to make your flavor choices quickly; we know that the selection presents lots of possible options and combinations.

Taste Some Flavors

You’re welcome (and encouraged!) to sample as many flavors as you wish. Discover a new favorite or experiment with combinations. When you’re ready to taste a flavor, approach any server. If you’re thoughtfully considering your taste, your server might offer to help other guests. Just let him or her know when you’re ready to sample another.

Squeeze Several Flavors in a Dish

Once you’ve made your decision, find your server and order your dish. You can put as many flavors as you desire in any sized dish or cone. There’s no extra charge.

All Scooped?

Once your party has all of its dishes, your server will accompany you to the register or direct you to the cashier. The rest of your party is welcome to find a seat while you cash out.

Coffee and Drinks

If you’re ordering only God of Thunder coffee or other drinks, you’re welcome to skip the gelato line and head directly to the cash register. Your server will cash you out and deliver your drinks to your table once they are crafted.

Here to Help

We’re eager to provide you whatever you need – whether that’s answers to questions, extra time, or assistance with special requests. We’re here to help.

Delicious. Guaranteed.

Not something to write home about? If your visit isn’t perfect, let your server know. We’ll make it right.