Smooth and creamy – but not heavy – our gelato is a special dessert. We discovered the best techniques from Old Italy and then added our own creativity and inspiration to create flavors that are bold and intense. Each batch is made with precision. We are uncompromising on process, ingredient integrity, and quality.

Made the Maine Way

We keep on tinkering, testing, and building until we get things right – and then still try to make them better. We design our recipes ourselves and our own flavors. Many gelato shops use a “cold process” for making gelato; they simply add an imported Italian gelato powder or paste to milk and freeze it. No mixes or flavorings here! For our stores, our team based out of Brunswick designs recipes and cooks the milk, sugar, and ingredients for each one, creating a base that ages for several days. Then our gelato specialists in our stores use batch freezers to make fresh pans of gelato daily. They add hand-chopped mix-ins, swirl house-made chocolate or caramel sauces, and create the attractive designs you see in our case.

For grocery store pints, our gelato artisans at the Brunswick flavor foundry hand-pack pints with fresh gelato within moments of making it. Our overall process is one that we’re proud of – we can make great gelato since we control the process from the raw ingredients to the final scoop. That’s something that few gelato or ice cream shops can say.

Milk from Maine Family Farms

We make our gelato with rich, fresh milk from Maine family farms. Our milk partner is currently Houlton Farms Dairy, which is the only locally owned dairy in Aroostook County.

Natural Cane Sugar

We do not use corn syrup. The sugar in gelato and sorbetto is plain cane sugar. Nothing fancy or funky here.

Real Fruits, Nuts, and Confections

It’s pretty simple: We find the best-tasting natural ingredients and use them. That’s why our flavors are so delicious, and why we feel good about serving them. These ingredients cost a little more, but we think they’re worth it. We get pistachios from Sicily, vanilla beans from Madagascar, espresso micro-roasted locally, and wild blueberries from down the coast. When you buy a grocery store pint from us, you can be confident that it does not contain artificial flavors or colors. In our stores, you can easily avoid artificial flavors by steering clear of certain flavors with brand-name candies.