Frequently Asked Questions

We have answers to things you might want to know. If you’re stumped, please email us.

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Gelato Fiasco Stores

Can I have the phone number, address, or hours for your stores?

Gelato Fiasco Flagship Store
74 Maine Street
Brunswick, Maine 04011
Please see our COVID-19 update page for current hours and service information.
(207) 607-4262 – More Information

Gelato Fiasco Old Port
425 Fore Street
Portland, Maine 04101
Please see our COVID-19 update page for current hours and service information.
(207) 699-4314 – More Information

How many flavors can I sample when I visit?

If you’re a customer, as many as you want. In fact, we even welcome you to stop in and try flavors before lunch or dinner if you think you might come back later.

How many flavors can I put in a dish?

As many as you wish. Our staff will be happy to oblige. And no, we’ve never heard of the book The Paradox of Choice.

No, seriously. There must be a limit?

No limit. We do think that the flavors start to squish after you add more than five or six. But with that warning to the wise, the sky’s the limit.

I had a fantastic experience at one of your stores. How can I tell you about it?

Please email us. We’d love to pass along your good words to our store staff!

Where does the artwork in your stores come from?

The works at each store are unique pieces and come from The Gelato Fiasco Master Collection, which may be currently secured in a climate-controlled, semisubterranean undisclosed location. Across our stores, no two pieces are alike.

Where can I buy a gift card?

In-store or, for Maine stores, at

What is the value of my gift card?

Please visit a store and ask your server to check the value of your gift card. For Maine stores, you may also email delicious@gelatofiasco with the 14-digit number on the back of your card, and we’ll look it up.

Can I reserve part of the store for my birthday bash?

Stores are not available for private parties, and space cannot be reserved. We welcome you to arrive early and hold space for your party. If you have questions or want to alert to us to a particularly large party, please email us.

My big group is visiting. Should I let you know?

If possible, please let us know so that we have staff in place. You can call the store or email us.

I would like for you to construct The Fiasco for my gathering. Do I need to file for a building permit with the local municipality?

If possible, please call us at least a few hours before your event. We’ll make sure we’re appropriately staffed and have all the supplies ready to go. Once you arrive, we’ll ask you to sample and write down up to 10 flavor choices and then we’ll get to work. You can get the party started with your friends, and a server and/or crane will deliver The Fiasco to your table once it’s ready.

Your in-store music is pretty great. Where do you get it?

We use Pandora stations that we curate ourselves (and that we fully license for legal use in our business). You can actually listen to them on Pandora at home — perhaps while eating from pints? Check out our Daytime and Nighttime stations.

When will my favorite flavor be made?

Our flavors are not on a schedule. All flavors are made fresh. We make several of our most complimented flavors daily, but most vary often. We have built an awesome Flavor Alert system to help you know when your favorite rare flavors are available – just visit the Flavor Vault start setting up alerts.

You can also view Today’s Flavors by noon daily on our website. We also send out an email at 1 p.m. every day with all of the flavors for your store. Subscribe to Today’s Flavors in Brunswick or Portland.

What’s in a Mystery Pint?

When we have extra gelato at the end of a night, we sometimes place it in Mystery Pints. We recommend them to the intrepid; those with extreme flavor preferences, food allergies, or risk avoidance tendencies might think twice. Mystery Pints may contain multiple flavors, and due to the packing process, we are unable to indicate that they are gluten- or dairy-free. Red Spoon Society members receive three Mystery Pints for $10.50 when they buy three at a time.

What kinds of coffee do you serve?

Most people think of Gelato Fiasco as a place to get dessert — but our core group of coffee drinkers also knows that we’re serious about making really good coffee and espresso. And with free wifi and late hours, we’re a perfect alternative to other coffee shops. We love good coffee but aren’t snobby about it. Learn more about our God of Thunder coffee bar.

Where do the cookies come from?

In Maine, our cookies are handmade by The 27th Chip in Brunswick. And they are seriously awesome.

Can your Brunswick or Portland stores donate to my cause?

In order to give full review to the many requests receive daily, we only accept requests online. Learn more.

Gelato and Flavors

What is gelato? And how is sorbetto different?

We wrote an entire page for your edification. Jump over to “What is Gelato?”

I have an allergy or special diet. Can I eat your desserts?

Please see lots of details on our Special Diets page.

Where can I see nutrition information?

Please check the back of any pint.

I am a vegan.

Nearly all of our sorbetto flavors may be appropriate. Please see Special Diets.

You didn’t anticipate my special diet question on the Special Diets page. Help!

But we anticipated that we might not anticipate something! Please email us. We’ll be happy to assist.

Are flavors all-natural?

For us, all-natural means: no artificial flavors, no artificial dyes or colorings, and no high-fructose corn syrup.

Occasionally our stores may offer flavors made with brand-name candies or other ingredients that may contain artificial flavors, colors, or high-fructose corn syrup. Some of our customers ask for flavors with these candies, and we offer them on special occasions or in response to these requests. These flavors are readily identifiable due to their brand or themed name and be easily avoided if they do not align with your food preferences. If you have any questions, please ask your server or contact us.  We do not offer these brand-name candy flavors in grocery store pints.

What does Sweet Resurgam mean?

Resurgam is the motto of Portland, Maine. It means “rise again,” and was established after the great fires in Portland from the 1800s. We first made Sweet Resurgam Gelato as a celebration flavor to launch our Old Port store. It’s a burnt sugar and roasted almond gelato with slivers of semi-sweet chocolate. It was supposed to be a limited-time flavor, but fans liked it so much that they overwhelmingly voted to make it a permanent flavor. So now we offer it most days in our stores.

I can’t say “stracciatella.”

That’s okay. We know what you mean. You want shredded chocolate.

How many flavors do you have?

We have made over 1,500 flavors since 2007.

Grocery Store Pints

How do you decide grocery store flavors?

When deciding what flavors to offer in grocery store pints, we try to identify flavors that will be undeniably delicious. We often look at what’s successful in our stores, and use customer feedback in our stores as a basis for refining and perfecting flavors.

Please note that while we make 14 flavors in pints, most grocery stores offer a smaller selection of flavors at their own discretion. If your local grocery store does not offer your favorite flavor, we suggest placing a request or offering to date the store manager.

How many people can each pint serve?

It depends on how hungry and/or enthusiastic they are. Each pint should serve the equivalent of four treat-sized dishes. Gelato is far more dense than other desserts, and we find that a little goes a long way.

What’s the best way to serve gelato at home?

If it’s been held in the freezer, we suggest letting it sit for about five minutes to soften slightly before serving. We prefer to serve in small glass dishes, although a cereal bowl, wine glass, or straight out of the pint container will do in a pinch. Always eat with a little red spoon.

Is your milk pasteurized?


Where can I see specific ingredients?

Please refer to the label on your pint for comprehensive ingredient information. Key ingredients can be found on the flavor pages in our Pint Gallery. If you have allergy requirements, see our guide to Special Diets.

Are the pint containers recyclable?

Our paper pint containers are made with Sustainable Forestry Initiative-certified coated paperboard and can be recycled in communities that are able to recycle coated paperboard. If you’re not sure, please inquire with your recycling provider.

I am the owner, manager, or buyer for a grocery store. How do I carry pints of your gelato?

Please email

Can I buy pints for home shipping?

Yes! Visit to place an order. We ship anywhere in the lower 48 states.

I purchased a pint at a grocery, specialty, or corner store, and my question isn’t answered here.

We’re happy to help. Please email us.

Red Spoon Society

What is this Red Spoon Society you speak of?

It’s a society so secret that we can barely talk about it here. Membership is appropriate for folks who visit our Maine stores or enjoy pints from their grocery store. Uncover more.

How many Red Spoon Society points do I have?

Please visit a store and ask your server, or email We’ll need your full name and address.

I heard there were secret handshakes.

If there were, would we say so here?


I am hosting a wedding, event, or blockbuster movie premiere. Do you cater?

Yes! We employ a professional catering staff for events in northern New England.

I am the owner, manager, or buyer for a grocery store. How do I carry pints of your gelato?

Please email

I am reporter, producer, or network news anchor. How do contact your C.J. Cregg?

For a prompt reply, please email Please note that our press team will not perform “The Jackel.”

Can I join your team?

We’re always looking for people who will be energetic, creative members of our team committed to creating amazing desserts and customer experiences. If you’re a glass-99%-full type of person, apply at the Employment section of our website. Due to the number of requests received, applications are only accepted online.