We welcome customers with special diets and strive provide comprehensive information that can help you determine if our desserts are an appropriate choice.

Grocery Store Pints

Review pint package labeling for full ingredient listings. All flavors are made at a facility that processes all allergens, although comprehensive separation and sanitation practices are used. Our milk and cream is always pasteurized.

Gelato Fiasco Stores

We try to avoid cross-contact in our Maine and Florida stores, but there’s always the chance that allergens could mix in our kitchens and our gelato cases. You should be aware of this possibility and choose accordingly.

Please make your server aware of your special diet, allergy, or sensitivity. Our staff values you and your health, and we will be happy to spend time discussing your particular needs. Please feel welcome to request that your server scoop with a new spade.

Specific Requirements:

Dairy Sensitivities and Lactose Intolerance

Gelato recipes contain milk. Sorbetto recipes in our scoop shops do not include dairy ingredients. Most of our lactose-intolerant customers find that sorbetto flavors are appropriate for them.

Gluten Sensitivities

Our gelato and sorbetto bases do not contain gluten ingredients. Some specific flavor recipes may contain gluten ingredients, such as recipes that include cookies, barley malt powder, cake batter, brownie batter, brownie slabs, certain candies, beer, or other mix-in ingredients that contain wheat.

Egg Sensitivities

Our gelato and sorbetto bases do not include eggs. Eggs may be an ingredient for a small handful of specific flavors that include eggs or custard, including Tiramisu Gelato and Spiked Eggnog Gelato, and eggs are an ingredient in some bakery inclusions.

Nut Allergies

If you have a life-threatening allergy, such as a severe nut allergy, gelato scooped from our case may not be the safest choice due to the possibility of flavor drips and cross-contamination.


Our goal is to make each experience perfect. We welcome your questions during your visit.