We are connected to our natural landscape in Maine and want to minimize our impact on our home. These initiatives help us ensure the sustainability of our communities, company, and planet.

  • Maine Environmental Leader. Our Flagship Store in Brunswick has been rated a Maine Environmental Leader by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection.
  • Recycling and composting in our stores. We’ve selected disposable dishes and cups that can either be composted (Brunswick) or recycled (Portand). Our Flagship Store has weekly composting pick-ups. Both stores have converted from disposable tasting spoons to reusable metal tasting spoons for sampling.
  • Recyclable pint containers. Our pints can be recycled in communities that offer the appropriate recycling technology.
  • BPA avoidance. We purchase BPA-free receipt printer for our cash registers.
  • No styrofoam cups. We do not use styrofoam cups or dishes in our stores. From day 1, we’ve used recyclable paper cups for hot drinks, and ask guests who are dining in our stores if they’d like drinks served in ceramic mugs.
  • Careful milk sourcing. All of our milk is sourced from farmers who pledge not to use artificial growth hormones (HGH). More about our milk.