For centuries, members of the Red Spoon Society wove clues to their treasure of gelato secrets into some of history’s most valuable works of art, commerce, and culture. These items were discovered by Josh and Bruno, and have been restored and preserved by Gelato Fiasco’s anthropology and art history team.

Some of these artworks and artifacts are on display at Gelato Fiasco’s stores; other works remain in Gelato Fiasco’s subterranean vault.[Not a valid template]

Behind the scenes


Gelato Fiasco Co-Founder Josh Davis meets with Senior Anthropologist Manon Whittlesey during a review of pieces removed from Gelato Fiasco’s climate-controlled archival facility (don’t spill that coffee!) for movement to the Portland, Maine, store in January 2012. Whittlesey is a leading expert on the historical Red Spoon Society and the group’s effort over several centuries to covertly insert clues to their gelato treasures into some of society’s most important works of art and culture.