What is gelato?

Gelato is a style of ice cream that dates back several centuries to Italy. Since the primary ingredient in good gelato is milk, not cream, it has a softer dairy profile that should allow flavors to come through more strongly than a traditional ice cream. Today, gelato around the world is of varying qualities. Such qualities are highly dependent upon whether the dessert is made from scratch or by mixing milk with pre-made powders, mixes, or gels; the skill of the person creating the gelato; and the quality of the milk and other ingredients used. Learn more about the careful process and ingredients that make Gelato Fiasco’s gelato special.

What is sorbetto?

Sorbetto flavors were originally served in southern Italy. We use water in the base instead of milk, and the flavor comes directly from the amazing fruits or cocoa. Folks often think that they’re like desserts marked “sorbet” in the grocery store – but then they realize that these flavors are so much more.