The Red Spoon Society is Gelato Fiasco’s elite rewards brotherhood and sisterhood that dates back to a very long time ago.

Those who choose to enter its ranks have no responsibilities but enjoy many privileges. If you visit our Maine stores, you’ll earn points for substantial rewards. If you’re not from Maine and want to stay connected because you purchase gelato at your nearby grocery store, you’ll receive news, updates, and surprises.

It’s free to join and there is no card to carry or lose.


Red Spoon Society Details


  • 2 points for every $1 spent at our Maine stores on gelato and sorbetto dishes and pints, fancy desserts, coffee, espresso drinks, tea, and most merchandise. (One point plus one 2023 bonus point. Bonus points are the equivalent of regular points and do not have strings attached.) Points are not available for home shipping purchases.



  • Every 100 points: Free dish of gelato in any size or free cup of coffee or tea. (Your choice.)
  • 1,250 points: A Gelato Fiasco t-shirt.
  • 2,500 points: Free gelato party! Choose from The Fiasco, small dishes of gelato for you and five friends, or two pints of gelato to bring home.
  • 5,000 points: NEW! You’ve earned a Key to the Flavor Vault. You can pick any previously made flavor (from our collection of over 1,500 recipes) and request that it be made on a certain day. One-time use; please give us at least 3 weeks notice, if possible.
  • 7,500 points: NEW! Eligible to have your gelato served in a special Red Spoon Society Goblet, upon your request. Unlimited uses.
  • 10,000 points: Name your own gelato flavor. You’ll help us develop a new flavor and, with your choice of a name, it will live forever in the archives of Gelato Fiasco.
  • Our acclaimed monthly email newsletter, along with occasional other announcements.
  • A discount on your birthday: Get a free treat-sized dish of gelato on your birthday. (Or $3.80 off a larger dish or affogato.) If you don’t come in on your birthday, the discount remains available on your account for the next six days.
  • Twenty percent more legroom in coach on any future Gelato Fiasco-branded airline.



Hear ye, hear ye! The elders of The Red Spoon Society do establish these standards for our treasured institution. Should you have any questions, please contact

“We the People of The Gelato Fiasco, in order to enjoy gelato and coffee with ever more robustness, establish fun, and secure the blessings of good times and good cheer to ourselves and our posterior (sic), do ordain and establish this Constitution for the Red Spoon Society.” [Recorded by the Red Spoon Society at 10 Piazza in Florence, Tuscany, A Long Time Ago.]

The Red Spoon Society is Gelato Fiasco’s rewards organization. This a promotional program intended to recognize and celebrate frequent customers. [Last Rev. March 2014]

a. Points and Rewards
Since this is a fun promotional program, requirements for earning points and receiving rewards may change at any time. Points and rewards have no cash value. We may remove points from an account that has had no activity for more than 12 months. (If you’re traveling for a while by sea, air, bicycle, or vehicle, and want us to keep your account open, please let us know.)

b. Available Rewards
Your rewards are held in our digital vault until you choose to use them. You can view points and available rewards at the bottom of your receipt or by asking your server to check the vault.

c. Email Newsletters
We get tremendously positive feedback from customers who receive our email newsletters, which we send only one to four times a month. But if you ever want to unsubscribe, you can do so immediately by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email.

d. Privacy Policy
We take your privacy and your trust very seriously. After being transferred from a paper sign-up form to digital format, your Red Spoon Society information is secured in password-protected areas. Each receipt from purchases you make with your account is recorded with your account information, but only specific employees and service providers are able to export your purchase information.

We use third-party web services to help us operate the Red Spoon Society. (These services currently include MailChimp, which helps us send our newsletter; Wufoo, a form service that helps us enter your sign-up card; and NCR/Radiant, our credit-card processor that hosts your information, including your purchase information.) We have reviewed the policies of these services and believe that they will keep the Red Spoon Society secure and will only use your personally identifiable information to help us operate our business.

We do not sell or trade your personally identifiable information to or with any organization or company. We do not provide it to any organization or company that we believe may use your information for any purpose other than to help us operate the Red Spoon Society and Gelato Fiasco.

Regrettably, the Red Spoon Society cannot currently claim to be a nation-state; therefore, Gelato Fiasco and associated web services may be required to exempt this policy in order to meet an enforceable government request, such as a subpoena or court order; a questionably enforceable government request under the likes of agents like Jack Bauer; or to protect the safety of our customers or employees.