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If you’d like to contact us about a problem with a grocery store pint purchase in the United States, please use our Guarantee Request Form. For all other inquiries, please write to delicious@gelatofiasco.com. We cannot fulfill requests for discount coupons.


You can reach our Main Office in Brunswick at (207) 607-4002.

To call the Flagship Store in Brunswick, dial (207) 607-4262. To reach the Old Port store in Portland, call (207) 699-4314. Store staff are not able to help with grocery store pint purchase questions or assist with wholesale sales inquiries, charitable requests, or unsolicited sales calls.


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The Gelato Fiasco, Inc.
74 Maine Street
Brunswick, ME 04011

Visit: Flagship Store, Brunswick, Maine

Phone: (207) 607-4262
Address: 74 Maine Street, Brunswick, Maine 04011
Hours: 11 a.m. to 11 p.m daily
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Visit: Old Port Store, Portland, Maine

Phone: (207) 699-4314
Address: 425 Fore Street, Portland, Maine 04101
Hours: Sunday, 12-10 p.m.; Monday, closed; Tuesday through Thursday, 12-10 p.m.; Friday and Saturday, 12-11 p.m.
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