Gelato Fiasco gives to dozens of local non-profit organizations that are helping kids and building our communities. We’re happy to help when we’re able.

We receive several requests every day. In order to help keep us organized, we are only able to accept applications using this form. We cannot take phone calls, emails, printed materials, or walk-in requests.

COVID UPDATE: We are operating at very limited financial and service capacity currently and are not accepting new charitable requests. We are attempting to focus on fulfilling existing charitable commitments that we’ve made with longtime nonprofit partners. Please return and apply once Gelato Fiasco has re-opened for normal service.

Please note:

  • Organizations must be 501(c)3 non-profits or schools, and must be based in or adjacent to our home communities of Brunswick or Portland, Maine.
  • All cash sponsorships are done through our Scooping for Community program, where, if your application is chosen, you select a Monday or Tuesday during the school year, and we donate 100% of sales from customers who show us your flier promoting the event. We require that you anticipate at least 50 supporters visiting in order to plan such an event, so careful organization and outreach to your supporters is important. Successful events can raise several hundred dollars for an organization in a single day, and do not require volunteers to be on-site.
  • Priority for Scooping for Community is given to organizations with a wide community presence, such as public schools and public libraries.
  • We are unable to provide cash sponsorships outside of the Scooping for Community Program.
  • Gift certificate donations are made on a limited basis.
  • We will only reply to your request if we are able to fulfill it.
  • We are not able to donate coupons for dishes or pints to be given away to a crowd, donate gelato to be scooped at events, or purchase program advertising.

If this sounds good, please click below to apply. Thanks for thinking of us.

Apply Now

The application form will come back once the COVID situation subsides.