Published on March 27, 2010

Add To Our Time Capsule

When we built The Gelato Fiasco in 2007, we planned on being in Brunswick for a very long time. Now we’re ready to further cement those plans — literally — into our store with The Gelato Fiasco Time Capsule as part of our You Wore Through The Floor Celebration.

We are going to install The Gelato Fiasco Time Capsule when we refurbish our floor and furniture in early April, and we need your help. If you want to be part of history, bring letters, photographs, artwork, recordings, or small trinkets to The Gelato Fiasco by April 3. Your item should relate to your love of gelato or Brunswick.

We’ll lock the items in the time capsule, which will be unsealed and shared with the community during a future store renovation.

Josh and Bruno