Published on December 28, 2009

Two Ways to Save This Winter with "Red Spoon Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Code"

Join Red Spoon Jones and protect the Lost Code this winter. The Lost Code offers two great ways to save!

First, on each day that the temperature falls below freezing, we automatically use the Lost Code to calculate a discount on your gelato order. While the traditional Lost Code is rumored to hold a complex series of calculations that the very first gelateri used to create perfect gelato, our lead archaeologist has derived fragments of the legendary code into a single calculation that can be used only in winter: Price = Price – [Price * ((32 – current temperature) / 100). Or, in layman’s terms: You save one percent for each degree below freezing.

Second, ask for a Red Spoon Jones Rewards Card during your next visit. Each time you make a purchase, we’ll randomly select a letter to stamp on the card’s crossword puzzle. Whenever you complete a word, you’ll receive a coupon for a great prize, such as a free pint of gelato or a free cup of coffee. Complete all the words by the end of winter and receive a $10 rewards card!

In this companion film to last year’s blockbuster “The Code of the Gelateri,” impostor super-premium dessert forces are seeking to find and use the code for nefarious purposes. Come to The Gelato Fiasco Flagship Store and join this action-packed, absolutely delicious roller-coaster of savings today!