Published on March 24, 2013

Forefront Flavors Explore Tastes of Portland

After one year in the big city of Portland, we’re celebrating the warm welcome we have received with a new collection. Partnering with amazing local artisans of food and drink, we’ve created a limited-edition series of flavors that explore small shops doing big things.

Presenting Forefront: Six flavors of gelato and sorbetto that highlight Portland’s good food and good drink. Forefront flavors are:

  • Maine Potato Donut Gelato featuring The Holy Donut
    Your breakfast-for-dessert prayer has been answered. Cinnamon and sugar glazed with big bites of potato donuts fresh from The Holy Donut.
  • Neptune’s Delight Gelato featuring Rising Tide Brewing Co.
    Atlantis Black Ale from Rising Tide complemented by cocoa. A chocolate dessert fit for a coastal king.
  • Sweet Resurgam Gelato
    The most popular flavor on Fore Street. A burnt sugar and roasted almond gelato with big chocolate slivers.
  • Time and Temperature Espresso Gelato featuring Tandem Coffee Roasters
    Two premium coffees blended and roasted in East Bayside by Tandem, Portland’s exciting new roastery.
  • ChagaChai Kombucha Sorbetto featuring Urban Farm Fermentory
    A tart, acidic fermentation of tea made by UFF from the chaga mushroom. Naturally dairy-free.
  • Eight Bells Sorbetto featuring New England Distilling
    Let’s go rum-running on the Back Bay with New England Distilling. Pears soaked in a traditional New England spirit. Naturally dairy-free.

Each pint has been individually hand-numbered by its gelato artisan. The flavors are available in the gelato cases at our stores and in freezers at Whole Foods Market Portland, Micucci, and Rosemont on Brighton. Test batches have been extremely popular, so all flavors may not be available at all locations at all times.

We hope you have a chance to give them a try. Thanks to all throughout Portland, Brunswick, and New England for your continued support.