Frozen Code Continues for Winter 2014


The Frozen Code will make chilly calculations all winter at Gelato Fiasco beginning on Saturday, December 21. (This is our absurd way of poking fun at the absurd fact that we sell frozen treats in Maine 12 hours a day, all winter long.)

On each day that the temperature falls below freezing, we automatically use The Frozen Code to calculate a discount on your order of gelato dishes. While the traditional Frozen Code is rumored to hold a complex series of calculations that the very first gelateri used to create perfect gelato, our senior assistant visiting archaeologist has derived fragments of the legendary code into a single calculation that can be used only in winter: Price = Price – [Price * ((32 – current temperature) / 100)].

Or, in layman’s terms: You save one percent for each degree below freezing outside at the time of purchase.

This means that when it’s 22 degrees outside, you’ll receive 10 percent off your gelato dish. If it’s 2 degrees outside on a chilly night, you’ll receive 30 percent off. The Frozen Code applies to gelato dishes (and the gelato portion of a waffle cone) only.

TIP: Our stores are open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. every day. Peak discounts generally come during visits close to opening or closing time.