Published on August 18, 2009

Inbox: Happy Travelers

We’re fortunate to hear a lot of happy feedback from folks who are enjoying their gelato. It’s always humbling, and every so often, we like to share some of those remarks. Stacey Evans submitted this note through our Customer Perfection Request form.

Thanks to Stacey for taking the time to share her client’s story!

Subject: Customer Perfection Request

Hi folks,

I am a pet sitter down on Mere Point.  A young couple is visiting Brunswick and left their adorable pup in my care.  I suggested they visit The Gelato Fiasco to enhance their vacation.  I want to share their comments I just received in an email.

“We went to Gelato Fiasco last night after leaving your home.  Wow… it is fantastic.  I averaged 4 gelatos a day during my time in Florence and love this style of frozen delight.  I enjoy both our local gelato spots in Charlottesville (our hometown) but found the Fiasco superior to all others I think.  Their gentle restraint for sugar and delicacy of flavor is exceptional.  I mentioned my delight with them to the counter girl.  They are worthy of praise. ”

Stacey Evans