Published on January 15, 2013

Mailbox: A Brief Return to Madagascar

We received this great email from Cassandra Susemihl after she was reminded of her time in Madagascar. Our Vanilla Bean Gelato contains vanilla beans imported from Madagascar; they are the big specks that you see in the gelato.

FROM: Cassandra Susemihl
DATE: Monday, January 14, 2013
SUBJECT: Madagascar

Dear Josh, Bruno, and The GF team,

I was in the Flagship Store today and realized as I was leaving I had been sitting beneath a map of Madagascar, which is fitting because I volunteered there just last spring. It is such a beautiful and ecologically incredible place, but unfortunately largely overshadowed by poverty, as it is one of the poorest nations on earth. Upon remembering this is where The GF imports its vanilla beans from, I find it touching, giving me even greater reason to continue my support for you.

Though I believe the vanilla beans are mostly grown in the northern part of the island, and I was stationed in the south, I wanted to send a few pictures so you can feel confident the place the beans are from is just as inspirational as the gelato they make. These photos were taken in Fort Dauphin, which is on the very southeastern tip of the island.

As always, my dish today was “sakafo” (“delicious” in Malagasy)!

Your fan,
Cassandra Susemihl