Portland: Best Thing I've Been Caramelized with Gelato for Sparks the Rescue


Best Thing I’ve Been Caramelized With Gelato for Sparks the Rescue
A Gelato with Vanilla Beans, Chocolate Chunks, Brownies, Cookies, and Caramel
Saturday, March 30, All Day (or Until it Runs Out)
The Gelato Fiasco Old Port

The entries came pouring in, just like the artisans in our kitchen are actively pouring chunks of chocolate, bits of cookies and brownies, sprinkles, and caramel swirl into vanilla bean gelato.

It seems that fans of Maine natives Sparks the Rescue are just as happy to see them return to Portland as we were. That’s why we created a very special flavor in their honor. However, we were so exhausted from developing this new creation that we had no energy left to name it.

Thank goodness for the fans, who were ready on a moment’s notice with catchy names to go with Spark the Rescue’s catchy tunes.

And though it pained us to have to choose, we’ve decided that our special flavor will be called Best Thing I’ve Been Caramelized With Gelato, an homage to a fine album and the ingredient that ties our fine flavor together.

We heartily thank Jennifer Kim. If it weren’t for your love of Sparks the Rescue, and all things sweet, we’d still be searching for a name. Jennifer, and the runner up in our contest, Beth Smith of Portland, will each receive two tickets to see Sparks the Rescue at Port City Music Hall and exclusive access to meet the band at its pre-show soundcheck, courtesy of Jason Legacy and the State Theatre.

This flavor is available for one day only. Come to The Gelato Fiasco Old Port between 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. on March 30 to try the flavor while it lasts!