Published on January 31, 2011

Cocktail Recipe: Chocolate Sherry Fusion

Rich chocolate and a sweet dessert wine. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Chocolate Sherry Fusion

We created this special fusion of Spanish, American, and Italian tastes with our friends at South Portland Wine Company, which distributes fine wines to retailers throughout Maine. Combining the pure dark-chocolate flavor of Chocolate Noir Sorbetto from The Gelato Fiasco and an intensely sweet, smooth, and persistent wine from Jerez, Spain, the Chocolate Sherry Fusion is a rich, romantic dessert drink perfect for a night by the fireplace. Serves four, with a small bit of sorbetto and sherry remaining.

You’ll need:

  • One pint of Chocolate Noir Sorbetto from The Gelato Fiasco
  • One bottle of Nectar Pedro Ximenez Dulce Sherry Wine
  • Wine glasses and spoons


  • Scoop at least 3 oz. of Chocolate Noir Sorbetto into a wine glass. The sorbetto should sit mostly in the middle of the glass.
  • Using slow, concentric motions — but not too concentric — pour the sherry into the glass until the glass is about one-third full.
  • Serve immediately. Guests may use a spoon to begin (little red spoons preferred), and then switch to drink out of the glass once the sorbetto and sherry are fully fused.

About the sorbetto:

Chocolate Noir Sorbetto is The Gelato Fiasco’s signature dark chocolate flavor. It is dairy-free, and its only fat content comes from the pure cocoa from which the sorbetto is made. It is created in small batches at The Gelato Fiasco Flagship Store and Creation Kitchen in Brunswick, Maine.

Chocolate Noir Sorbetto is available at most of our partner locations that carry pints. View locations.

About the wine:

Produced from 100% Pedro Ximenez grapes, this sherry is an intensely sweet, smooth, and persistent wine. It is filled with flavors and aromas of dried fruits and nuts. This sherry is made from grapes that have been laid out in the sun to dry, which is why the flavors and sweetness are so concentrated.

The Gelato Fiasco’s partner stores that carry wines from South Portland Wine Company include Axis Natural Foods, Black Cherry, Brackett’s Market, Lois’ Natural Foods, Market Basket, Micucci’s, Pastiche, Rivers End Farm, Rising Tide, the Rosemont Markets, Southport General Store, Tony’s Foodland, Treats, West End Deli, and Whole Foods Market. Not all locations keep the sherry in stock, but they should be able to order it easily.