Published on May 31, 2012

Turn your Saturday into a Sundae… (and now, get your Sunday sundae too!)

Nothing’s better than Maine-made gelato and sorbetto, except maybe hot fudge, caramel sauce, and whipped cream on top of that Maine-made gelato and sorbetto. This Saturday, June 2, and Sunday, June 3, at The Gelato Fiasco Old Port, you can turn your dish into a sundae FOR FREE. All we’re asking is that you do a little charitable giving.

Preble Street, a non-profit that offers food and shelter to hundreds of people in Portland, is accepting donations of clothes, backpacks, and non-perishables (see the entire list, below, for details).

The Gelato Fiasco has partnered with Preble Street to help collect these donations, and wants to encourage all of our customers to bring in an item for donation. Bring in one single item and we’ll upgrade any size dish to a sundae, for free. Donate items in two of more categories (see below) and, in addition to the sundae upgrade, we’ll put an extra 25 points on your Red Spoon Society account.



New or lightly worn socks, underwear, jeans, and tee-shirts. These items can be used, but please clean them before donation.


Any and all backpacks.


Any and all towels. Again, clean please.

Non-perishable food:

Boxed pasta, rice, cooking oil, and large cans of spaghetti sauce or canned tomatoes.