Published on February 16, 2012

Recap: Clear Eyes, Full Dishes, Can't Lose

Valentine’s Day was lovely at The Gelato Fiasco this year. Our stores were packed with couples sharing a night out, first date, and groups of singles. As always, we like to make things extra fun (as if gelato isn’t fun enough to begin with!).

Beginning the night before, we posted invitations for customers to share online. (You can still view them on Facebook.) Cheesy, we know — but that’s part of the spirit of Valentine’s Day.

On Valentine’s Day, our kitchen teams in Brunswick and Portland created full cases of special red, pink, white, and chocolate flavors. Our favorites included Professor Slughorn’s Love Potion Sorbetto, It Takes Two to Mango Sorbetto, Conversation Hearts Gelato, and Heart Flutters Gelato (that one was a big dose of with espresso). Many customers created dishes combining Innocence Gelato and Sinful Sorbetto (curiously close to Fresh Cream Gelato and Dark Chocolate Noir Sorbetto).

We also received notes from customers who have had date nights at The Gelato Fiasco:

  •  “We frequently make it a ‘date night’ by first going bowling at Bowling Ball across the street, and then walking over to Gelato Fiasco for dessert. The loser pays! :)” — Lorien and Steve, Bath
  • Heather and Thomas had their first date at The Gelato Fiasco. (He’s Sicilian.) Their server later became a consultant at a bridal store, and, by chance, she helped Heather pick out her dress. Now, Heather and Thomas are married.
  •  “A few years ago, I took Stacey on our first date to The Gelato Fiasco. It was a long way to go on our first date, seeing how we both live in Massachusetts. She fell in love with your gelato first, then later she fell in love with me. The Gelato Fiasco was also the last stop on our ‘date night’ the day I proposed to her. We still travel the distance regularly just to relive the memories, but more importantly, eat the best gelato in the world!” – Dan

Thanks to everyone who chose to share their day with us. We hope that you had as much fun as we did.

— Post by Bobby Guerette, Management Team

It Takes Two To Mango