Our gelato should be the smooth and creamy – in other words, the most delicious frozen dessert you’ve ever had in your life. We strive for 100% consistency. If you experience any of these problems, we want to know:

  • Grainy or icy consistency
  • Insufficient quantity of chunks or swirls
  • Anything else that would keep you from buying another pint

Please email us at delicious@gelatofiasco.com and we’ll do our best to make it right. Please include a photo of the bottom of the pint (where the date code is located) so that we can help you without delay. You should also include your mailing address, too.


Guarantee Guidelines
Gelato Fiasco strives for our products to be 100% satisfactory. Customers are encouraged to notify us when something seems wrong, and we’ll do our best to make it right. We will consider requests that are made within 30 days of product purchase. Additional proof of purchase may be required upon request. We are unable to assist in instances where batch codes do not match our logs; store information does not match known store data; proof of purchase cannot be verified; suspected instances of fraud; habitual submissions; suspected irregularities; or when the product defect is due to circumstances out of Gelato Fiasco’s control, such as failure of the customer’s freezer. Suspected fraudulent claims may be referred to the appropriate authorities. Compensation, including type and whether it is provided at all, is at Gelato Fiasco’s full discretion. Consumers are welcome to return products to their local grocery store in accordance with the store’s return policy; if they do so, they should not submit this form as well. Our policy and procedure is subject to change at any time, and all rights are reserved. Thanks!