MSMT Flavor: Immaculate Confection Gelato

Jun 24toJul 11

MSMT Flavor: Immaculate Confection Gelato
June 24 through July 11
The Gelato Fiasco Flagship Store

Gelato Fiasco is again a sponsor of Maine State Music Theatre’s summer 2015 productions, and we’ll be making a special flavor to celebrate each show. Each flavor will be offered at The Gelato Fiasco Flagship Store for the entirety of that show’s run.

The names are pretty awesome, but the flavors are even more delicious:

The Goods Gelato
Celebrating The Full Monty
June 3 through June 20
You’ll get flushed by big banana taste and chocolate-covered nuts.

Immaculate Confection Gelato
Celebrating Sister Act
June 24 through July 11
Chocolate with white chocolate chunks might just become your next habit.

Truffles in River City Gelato
Celebrating The Music Man
July 15 through August 1
Well, ya got cherry and truffles, my friend. Right here, I say truffles right here in River City.

A CaraMel Brooks Production Gelato
Celebrating Young Frankenstein
August 5 through August 22
Our signature pistachio gelato electrified with brooks of caramel sauce and nuts, bolts and bits of toffee that may (or may not) have been imported from Transylvania.

Tickets for Maine State Music Theatre’s performances are now for sale online and at the MSMT box office. We’ll see you before or after the show!