Valentine’s Day 2019


Valentine’s Day 2019
Thursday, February 14, 2019
The Gelato Fiasco Flagship Store, Brunswick and The Gelato Fiasco Old Port, Portland

Exclusively on Valentine’s Day, make it a date with a selection of flavors fit for Cupid himself. Our cases on Valentine’s Day will again be filled with fresh Valentine’s Day-themed gelato and sorbetto flavors in both Brunswick and the Old Port. You’ll find a sea of red, pink, white, and chocolates, along with other love- and lust-themed flavors that stretch the limits of creativity and credulity. Join us for one of our favorite themed flavor selections of the year.

As always, all gelato flavors are made with milk from Maine family farms.

Anticipated flavors include:

Breakfast in Bed Gelato
We steep cornflakes in milk and strain them out before adding rice krispie bits. Best enjoyed while propped up against a pillow.

Doughing Me, Doughing You Gelato
Three types of cookie dough. It’s the best we can do.

Tasty Snacc Gelato
Vanilla gelato with fudgy cookies, thicc fudge swirl, and chop peanuts all wrapped up in one perfect package.

Mint Brookie Lookie Gelato
A brookie is what happens when a brownie and a cookie love each other very much.

Professor Slughorn’s Love Potion Sorbetto
A fruit sorbetto brew with a magical hue; Think twice when someone gives you a sample or a bite, for you’ll be intensely longing for their smile all night! Slughorn’s top-secret recipe is rumored to contain raspberries, lemon juice, and two tails of newt.

Orange You Glad We’re Together Sorbetto
An orange sorbetto with a pun that will make your heart swoon (or your eyes roll).

Don(u)t Go Breaking My Heart Gelato
I won’t go breaking your heart with coffee gelato and chocolate glazed donuts from our local donut shop.

Cake Batter with Valentine’s Sprinkles Gelato
The classic.

Netflix and Chill Gelato
We opened The Notebook of flavor ideas and selected this Friday night delight: It features a stream of caramel buffered with a bagful of peanut butter cups and blanketed with brownie bites. If you’re lucky, you’ll find some chocolate kisses, too.

Sticky Kisses Gelato
Peanut butter swirl with chocolate kisses and peanut butter cups.

Strawberry Balsamic Sorbetto
Ripe strawberries with just a hit of balsamic.

Touch of a Ladyfinger Gelato
Layers of espresso-soaked ladyfingers in a custardy gelato; a nom de plume for tiramisu.

Raspberry Truffle Sorbetto
Red raspberries with chocolate chunks.

Coco-Nuts for You Gelato
Coconut milk and coconut cream with coconut flakes.

Heart Flutters Gelato
Let your heart skip a beat with double shots of hand-pulled espresso. This year, we’re also adding pulses of stracciatella-style chocolate chips.

It Takes Two to Mango Sorbetto
Go due south for a sultry sorbetto

Caramel Sea Salt Gelato
“I will cross the ocean for you.” (There. A Valentine’s Day connection.)

Very Berry Cheesecake Gelato
Our favorite cheesecake recipe with fresh strawberries, Maine blueberries, and raspberries.

Better than “You Know” Sorbetto
“Truly dense, dark, OH-my-CHOCOLATE.” – Sally Quite possibly Dark Chocolate Noir.

Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Gelato
A creamy chocolate and strawberry gelato.

Will You Accept This Rosewater? Gelato
Can we steal you for a second to enjoy this raspberries and rosewater stracciatella-style gelato? It’s our most dramatic flavor yet, and you might see yourself falling in love with it.

Sweetest Resurgam Gelato
Suspiciously similar to Sweet Resurgam, a flirty nod to Portland’s motto of “I Will Rise Again.”

Dark Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt Gelato
Buttered up!

Our Flagship Store in Brunswick will also offer more than a dozen other flavors thanks to its larger gelato case capacity.