We still pull hundreds of espresso shots each day to flavor our coffee gelato. This one is spangled with dark chocolate slivers.

As in the good Italian tradition, we like our espresso shots hand-pulled. To take it a step further, we choose coffee beans roasted by Portland’s Bard Coffee, blend the coffee with rich Maine milk, and swirl in slivers of Ghiradelli chocolate. This one is a tribute to both our home state of Maine and to Bruno’s roots in Italy.

The most memorable coffee-and-chocolate dessert you’ll ever try. Guaranteed.

Now available at many Kroger, Ralph’s, City Market, Smith’s, and Fresh Market stores nationwide. Search our map to find the nearest.

Gelato Fiasco Espresso Chip Gelato is made with milk from Maine family farms and natural cane sugar. No artificial flavors, colors, or corn syrup.