A customer suggestion that hit big time, this gem was inspired by the seductive, creamy filling found in Sicilian cannoli.

“Inspired by Italy. Perfected in Maine.” We use this statement often, because it describes exactly what we’re trying to do at Gelato Fiasco: We seek to honor the truest traditions of Old Italy and define our own approach based on our lives lived here in Maine. It’s a perspective that values both heritage and creativity, and it’s certainly expressed in this flavor. Mascarpone Pistachio Caramel Gelato takes our favorite variation on traditional cannoli — the inclusion of milky-white Italian mascarpone cheese and morsels of pistachios — and adds a whisper of caramel sauce. The conclusion is a complex and rich flavor that winks at the past while offering something totally new.

Winner of the 2017 sofi Silver Award in the Best Frozen Dessert category.