Because in Maine, we don’t wear red velvet. Cream cheese gelato checkered with red velvet cake and buttons of chocolate chips.

The whoopee pie has been declared by the Legislature as the official treat of the state of Maine — ahem — and this flavor builds upon that tradition of a sweet and creamy filling buttressed by pillowy cake pieces. For our version, we make a rich cream cheese gelato and fold in checkers of soft red velvet cake made from scratch by Two Fat Cats Bakery of Portland (the red color is natural and comes from hibiscus and red radish). We then add additional bursts of taste with buttons of chocolate chips. The result is a flavor that’s both creamy and textured. It’s just sweet enough and may be the perfect flavor to uncover after a bundled-up wintertime stroll to the gelato shop… or maybe even straight out of the pint when snuggled up at home.

Offered as a seasonal flavor in the wintertime.