Current pricing for fresh Maine gelato and handcrafted drinks at The Gelato Fiasco Flagship Store in Brunswick, Maine, and The Gelato Fiasco Old Port in Portland, Maine. Please inform your server if you have a food sensitivity. Listed prices do not include 8% Maine restaurant tax. C’est la vie.



Squeeze as many gelato and sorbetto flavors as you wish into any dish at no extra charge. You can see current flavors on our Online Ordering site.

Treat Dish $4.12
Small Dish $5.14
Medium Dish $6.25
Large Dish $7.18
Add a waffle cone to any size. +$0.93

Espresso or Cocoa Affogato $6.99
Any flavor drowned in espresso or drinking chocolate.

The Fiasco $49.50
Colossus of gelato, brownies, and toppings. Serves 10. Epic.

Take Home

Please ask your server for complimentary red spoons and dishes if you’re hosting a gelato party.

Pre-Packed Freezer Pint $7.35
Create-a-Pint $9.95

Coffee Bar

Featuring God of Thunder, our exclusive roast of legend. Worldly and decaf selections, too.
Brewed Coffee
Iced Coffee
Mighty Leaf Tea
Chai Latte
Drinking Chocolate
San Pellegrino
Spring Water