Menu for Gelato Fiasco Old Port in Portland, Maine. Please inform your server if you have a food sensitivity. Listed prices do not include 8% Maine restaurant tax. C’est la vie.

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Squeeze as many gelato and sorbetto flavors as you wish into any dish at no extra charge.

Treat Dish $4.12
Small Dish $5.14
Medium Dish $6.25
Large Dish $7.18
Add a waffle cone to any size. +$0.93

Espresso or Cocoa Affogato $6.99
Any flavor drowned in espresso or drinking chocolate.

The Fiasco $49.50
Colossus of gelato, brownies, and toppings. Serves 10. Epic.

Take Home

Please ask your server for complimentary red spoons and dishes if you’re hosting a gelato party.

Create-a-Pint $9.95

Coffee Bar

Featuring God of Thunder, our exclusive roast of legend, in regular or decaf.

Brewed Coffee
Hand-Poured Coffee
Iced Coffee
Espresso Shots
Mighty Leaf Tea
Chai Latte
Drinking Chocolate
San Pellegrino
Spring Water