Published on June 20, 2010

Do You Play foursquare?

We’ve noticed that a few of our frequent customers like to play foursquare — the geolocation game that allows you to check-in to cafes and restaurants and earn badges for checking in to interesting places.

The game also rewards the person with the most check-ins to a location by crowning him or her as mayor.

But now, at The Gelato Fiasco, mayorship won’t just be a title. To the winner goes the spoils: The mayor is eligible for a free size upgrade on a dish of gelato or cup of custom-brewed coffee during each visit.

The current mayor is Rick N. But that could change if you exceed his check-ins!

If you ever become the mayor of The Gelato Fiasco on foursquare, simply show your server your mayor screen on your cell phone to receive the upgrade.