Published on April 7, 2009

Inbox: Lots o' Gelato Love

We’re fortunate to hear a lot of happy feedback from folks who are enjoying their gelato. It’s always humbling, and every so often, someone’s remarks really stand out. That’s the case here. The fantastic Grace Drummond and family of Cape Elizabeth, Maine, sent this email to us after getting our Red Spoon Society note asking fans to help us win a grant from Intuit, the company that sells QuickBooks.

Please enjoy her email, reprinted in full below!

P.S. If you haven’t yet read our QuickBooks story and rated it to help us win $5,000, please do so! It only takes a moment to register, and you’ll use the “Inspiring” link below the story to rate us.

Subject: JOSH & BRUNO: OUR REPLY!!!!!!!: (Will You Rate Our Story?)

Dear Josh & Bruno,

[I have TRIED & TRIED & TRIED to create an “Intuit Account,” to no avail, no matter what I seem to do; this means that I can’t even post my Comments underneath your story, muchless our Ratings……]

Therefore, I now resort to just Replying to you, via your e-mail asking us to Rate your story….

>>>> We (our whole family = 7 Gelato Fiasco FANS!):
RATE your story both INSPIRING and HELPFUL!

As to Comments, we would like to express to you both that:
The person who came up with all the initial “cutesy-bootsey” pseudo-Italianate gimmicks and décor, not to mention the “give-me-a-BREAK!-Are-You-Really-SERIOUS????!!!!” name suggestion (???!!!!),
while probably was all “into it,” and “meant well,” > however, how
Way-Off The Mark!, and What A Loser that initial person was!!!!!!!
We are so glad you declined that pathetic “help,” and followed your own hearts and inspirations!   >>> Your resulting Genius Gelato is a Truly AUTHENTIC & ABSOLUTELY SUPERB & BETTER-THAN-The-BEST-IMAGINABLE-Product.
We lived in Italian-Switzerland (Lugano, in Ticino, Switzerland), which is very near Italy’s famous Lake Como and Lake Maggiore district. And, thus, we have experienced REAL ITALIAN GELATO
(as opposed to the lukewarm attempts at inexpensively imitating it for the unknowing American market); and, therefore, we KNOW for a fact how AUTHENTIC & SUPERB & TOTALLY DELICIOUS FLAVOUR AS WELL AS TEXTURE ~ YOUR GELATO FIASCO gelato really is!!!!!!!
It is MOST HEARTENING to read your report that your business is still Prospering > AND WELL IT SHOULD & WILL CONTINUE TO DO SO > (~ even despite this foundering economy ~ in fact, remember that during The Depression: Coca-Cola, and Orange Soda, and five-cent movies, prospered, as people desperately NEEDED & WANTED a relatively-inexpensive and delicious “ESCAPE” from the Overwhelming bleekness and seeming-Hopelessness of The Depression era!!!!!!!)

We APPLAUD you, Josh & Bruno, and support you and your business!  {We hope that you will indeed receive the “Grant” which you pursue, because you most definitely deserve it!!!}

We close with just one little Fans’ Request:
>>>> Remember that batch of scrumptious gelato which you created last ?spring/?summer which was infused with Tons of bits of crushed and cut up bits of REAL, FRESH GARDEN SPEARMINT LEAVES??!!!
We will Never Ever Forget that Glorious taste, nor stop hoping, that you will try to find another ~ and hopefully more consistent ~ SOURCE of FRESH GARDEN SPEARMINT LEAVES/PLANTS, so that you could more constantly offer Fresh Spearmint Gelato on a MUCH more regular basis, (rather than just that LUCKY ONCE-in-a-lifetime, (when someone happened to gift you with a batch of REAL SPEARMINT plants!!!!)
Josh & Bruno: We THANK YOU for your kind GENIUS in making Authentic Italian Gelato, and with such a large variety of Unique flavours and excellent texture and, thus, Joyous Life Memories!
With all very best wishes, and admiration,
Grace Drummond and Family {~ and a multitude of like-minded friends!}

(Cape Elizabeth, Maine)