Published on July 19, 2010

Our First Maine Wild Blueberry Sorbetto Of The Season

Blueberry season has begun, and that means that we are now able to make Maine Wild Maine Blueberry Sorbetto. We created our first batch today, and as usual, it is absolutely delicious.

Each batch of two pans is made from five plump-full quarts of blueberries, which are sourced from local suppliers. Blueberries comprise about 40 percent of each bite.

This is undoubtedly one of our most popular summertime flavors. We currently have 36 quarts of blueberries in the refrigerator waiting to be reborn as sorbetto. Check Today’s Flavors or call (207) 607-4002 to see if Maine Wild Blueberry Sorbetto is available today!

Did you know?
Our fruit-based sorbetto flavors typically contain at least 40 percent real fruit — such real strawberries, watermelon, or blackberries. We never, ever use flavor pastes, flavorings, or mixes.