Published on July 25, 2019

New Look In Stores Now

Here’s a peek at our new look! After six years in our old packaging, we decided to transition from plastic to paperboard pints and a totally new design. We teamed up with Portland, Maine-based Might & Main to create imagery that aims to be beautiful and sophisticated, but also modern and effervescent, with distinct rooting in Gelato Fiasco’s Maine heritage. The rich and vibrant waves of color on each package are specific to each flavor, and the back of the container shares a short quip about the flavor and highlights Gelato Fiasco’s Maine scoop shops, underscoring that we’re still a founder-led company.

We are 100% certain it was the right thing to do for the environment and our brand. If you’re feeling uncertain, we ask that you trust us — several of us have spent nearly our entire adult lives building Gelato Fiasco and we wouldn’t make this move if we weren’t sure that is absolutely the right direction to go! We’ll be saving about 3 million all-plastic jars from being used over the next year, and the paper pint filling technology will allow us more consistency in making sure pints are frozen for maximum creaminess and are packed with more chunks and swirls than any other gelato.  We’ll have lots more to show in the coming days. Most grocery store customers will see them start popping up on shelves in the weeks ahead.

Thanks for all your support!