Real vanilla seeds, released from their costly pods by hand, perfume this creamy indulgence.

It must be stated first that vanilla is not a synonym for plain – at least not the vanilla in Madagascar Vanilla Bean Gelato. It’s the Switzerland of the gelato and sorbetto worlds – able to sit beside any other flavor with confidence and classiness, or stand quite strongly on its own.

To make this versatile flavor, we import whole bourbon-style vanilla pods from Madagascar, split the husk and scrape out the tiny beans right in our kitchen, then add them straight into a base of milk from Maine farms.

This may possibly be the strongest vanilla you’ll ever try. It’s a fresh, pure flavor that is sure to please even the fussiest palate. If you’re looking to split with another flavor (or a third), nearly every flavor goes well with it. Madagascar Vanilla Bean Gelato can turn our sorbetto flavors into an even creamier treat or can accompany a chocolate flavor for a half-and-half combo that can’t be beat.

And as the foil of INTERPOL agents everywhere, it will keep your secrets, too.