Incredible New 2019 Flavors

Try Gelato Fiasco's newest flavors now available at Harris Teeter. The highest-quality gelato you'll ever find, guaranteed.

Deep Maine Woods Brownie gelato

The deep woods of Maine are filled with mystery and wonder. Just like this pint: you’ll find a cherry-swirled black forest cake gelato with whipped cream, brownies, and chocolate shavings.

Mint Brookie, Brownie Cookie gelato

Why choose between brownies and cookies when you can have both? Dense, perfectly nuanced mint gelato with chunks of brownies and an outrageously fudgy cookie swirl.

Nutterfluffer gelato

Go back to school and pull this out of your lunchbox: salty peanut butter gelato with pieces of pound cake and thick swirls of marshmallow fluff.

Mascarpone Pistachio Caramel gelato

A customer suggestion that hit big time, this gem was inspired by the seductive, creamy filling found in Sicilian cannoli.

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